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Tenluxe Co., Ltd. Email: info@tenluxe.com.tw      Website: http://www.twtenluxe.com   TENLUXE® TEXTILE CLEANING GUN TYPE-A /A102  ■ FEATURE The Tenluxe textile cleaning gun removes stains easily. Most oil stains or dust on textiles can be quickly cleaned with the cleaning gun, making hand-washing unnecessary. Type A is designed for textile factories with large work-loads. It can also be for cleaning machinery. It delivers a powerful spray with low solvent consumption. • Tough and durable alloy casing. Copper-lined barrel to prevent rust build-up. • Tenluxe Textile Cleaning Gun® has been produced and exported worldwide since 1969. • Type A 102 is fitted with a strength adjustable nozzle for silk or fine materials.   ■ SPEC. AC Power Supply :  110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz ORDER ONLINE: www.twtenluxe.com 
Tenluxe Co., Ltd. Email: info@tenluxe.com.tw      Website: www.tenluxe.com.tw   TENLUXE® TEXTILE CLEANING GUN TYPE B-1/B-2/B-3/B-4 ■ FEATURE The Tenluxe textile cleaning gun removes stains easily. Most oil stains or dust on textiles can be quickly cleaned with the cleaning gun, making hand-washing unnecessary. Particularly suited to ready-wear factories, textile factories and laundries with medium-to-load workloads. • A stream-lined Nylon shell. • Light and easy to handle. • Powerful spray, low solvent consumption and high durability. • B-2 fitted with Strength Adjusting Nozzle. • B-3 fitted with 2.2m-long transfer pipe to draw solvent directly from the container and make the gun lighter. Suitable for high workloads such as fabric inspection. • B-4 Utilizes water instead of solvent for cutting resin from printing screen. ■ SPEC. AC Power Supply :  110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz / 220V 60Hz   ORDER ONLINE: www.twtenluxe.com
TENLUXE INK CLEANER & INKLEANERR Some stains, even with strong sprays of Trichloroethane and Naphtha, can not be cleared totally and will only have a bad effect on the best materials, such as silk and fine-knite clothes. The multi-purpose inkcleanerR is the textile cleaning gun's main complement. Apply onto less-easily removed stains, such as ball-pen, Lipstick, Oil base ink, animal, vegetable, mineral oils or mud stains, then spray with cleaning gun or rinse with water. 1 Dozen 100 Dozen INK Cleaner Instructions for use Tenluxe Inkcleaner ® Suitability Tenluxe Inkcleaner® is suitable for the following industries: Ball gown industry Garment retailers Silk and synthetic fabric industries Quilting Fabric inspectors Bedding manufacturers and sellers Garment manufacturers Plastic outer shells of household appliances Office workers  Tenluxe Inkcleaner® is NOT suitable for: Non-oil based stains, such as dye stains on fabric Serious moulding or yellowed stains that have already altered the fabric How to Use  Tenluxe Inkcleaner®:  Method 1:  We recommend the following simple steps to enable you to achieve the desired results:  Lightly rub or wipe the entire stained area with clean water until moistened. Lightly apply  Tenluxe Inkcleaner® to the stained area. For surface stains: use a toothbrush to lightly brush off the stain; For mid-layer stains: you can cut the thistles of the toothbrush shorter, so that greater force can be applied to the stain with the toothbrush. For deep-layer stains: lay out the fabric flat on the workbench, and use the handle-end of the toothbrush to lightly scrub the stained area. (Please note that the handle must be smooth, so as not to damage the fabric. Professional garment makers often use the blunt tip of the bone pen to add to the internal friction between fibers, further improving the stain-removing effect.) Rinse off the stained area with water. We suggest filling a container (such as a cup) up to 90% with clean water, place the fabric directly over the cup, and use the handle of the toothbrush to dip the fabric slightly into the water for rinsing. The residual detergent will be diluted by the water in the container (or cup). The water in the cup should be replaced with clean water if necessary. Use a dry cloth to soak up the extra moisture in the fabric, or spray off the extra moisture with an air gun.  Remember to re-cap Tenluxe Inkcleaner®, and keep the tube in a dry place. Alternative Ways of Using  Tenluxe Inkcleaner®: Method 2: Rub a small amount of  Tenluxe Inkcleaner® onto a dampened towel or rug, and use it to directly wipe away a surface stain.  This method can be used not only with garments and fabric, but also with casings of general household appliances and electronic products.  Then simply wipe with a clean, dampened cloth.  Method 3:Directly apply  Tenluxe Inkcleaner® onto the stained area of the fabric or garment, and then use the  Tenluxe® Textile Spray Gun Type B-4 (for spraying water only) to spray off the stain with water.  Finally, use a dry cloth to soak up any extra moisture, or spray off the extra moisture with an air gun. Method 4:For certain garments with transparent oil-based stains, directly apply Tenluxe Inkcleaner® onto the stained area, and then wash as usual in the washing machine.  PLEASE BE ON ALERT FOR COUNTERFEITS!  All  Tenluxe® products are manufactured and sold by  Tenluxe Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.  We have never authorized any other company for OEM, ODM, or production by any other company in other areas or countries.  To protect your rights as consumers, please ensure that you are purchasing Tenluxe Inkcleaner® or  Tenluxe® Textile Spray Guns with our registered trademark, and please also feel comfortable in requesting for proof that the product you are purchasing is an authentic  Tenluxe® product.

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Tenluxe Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968 and we specialize in the research and development of cleaning products for textile materials. In our early years we supplied water cleaning products to the highly developed knitting, dyeing and printing industries in Taiwan at the time.
The development of cleaning additives, including TENNOR AF202, BESCON and Tensoft, took the textile industry into the mechanized era and made the scrubbing of knitted sweaters produced for export by hand a thing of past. Tenluxe products became extremely popular because they helped to increase efficiency of the textile industries many-fold.
In 1969 we purchased sophisticated West German and Japanese machinery that were ultimately used to produce Taiwan’s first aluminum electric cleaning spray gun. Named the TENLUXE TEXTILE CLEANING SPRAY GUN, this was granted the new utility model patent No. 6111


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